HMC Installation for P Series

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We have an x3550 to be used as the new HMC for our P-series.  Can anyone tell me whether I need HMC media to install or does the x3550 have some pre-installed configuration on it?

I know little about the x3550, only it has been given to me and I have been asked to build it which I have not done before.  There is no HMC media with it.

Cheers. JP.
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There is no HMC media because HMC is sort of an appliance, which you will have to purchase from IBM as a complete, ready-to-use system,
There are Tower- and Rack versions.
I can give you the model numbers, if you wish.

John PopeIT Consultant


Hi wmp

So the x3550 is not the HMC?  Looking at various IBM specs I thought this is one box that can be used as a HMC.

Model no.s would be good thanks!

Cheers. JP.
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These are the available HMCs:

7042-C06 desktop
7042-C07  desktop
7042-CR4  rack-mounted
7042-CR5  desktop
7310-C03  desktop
7310-C04  desktop
7310-C05  desktop
7310-C06 desktop
7310-CR2  rack-mounted
7310-CR3  rack-mounted
7310-CR4  rack-mounted

Specifications can be found here:

All about HMC in the IBM Infocenter:

These are the developerWorks pages about HMC:


Each model of the HMC is based on System x physical hardware so that when you buy an HMC you get the software media and support that goes with it. But the physical hardware on it's own is not an HMC.

The x3550 comes in a number of models with different machine type/model designations, which you can find in the IBM Sales Manual (

7978 x3550
7946 x3550M2
7944 x3550M3

From the following pages you can see that the current rack mounted HMC (7042-CR5) is based on the 7978 ie a x3550. But an x3550 is not an HMC, as explained above.

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