Unable to view free busy time-outlook 2007/exchange 2007

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We are running Exchange 2007 SP1 and for Outlook 2003 / 2007 Clients.

I have a situation, wherein for a specific user we are unable to view his free/busy information.
User is using outlook 2007
Here is what we have tried:
1) Run outlook /cleanfreebuy
2) Recreated profile
3) Ran Test E-Mail autoconfiguration- Which is running successfully- no errors
4) Also followed KB Article:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958443 and ran all steps.
5)Removed Delegates and ran cleanfreebusy and readded delegates

We are also unable to see free/busy time from OWA for that particular user.

Its kinda wierd that none of this is working and at thsi time we have only this user who is having thsi problem

So please help!!
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make usre that this users legacyexchangedn atttribute mataches to ones for whom it works
ok.. What about Ol 2003 , can you see it from Ol 2003 for that specific user,
You said Test-Emailautoconfiguration is passing, what about the URls is it providing you the valid url for EWS. can you try to create some calender item for this user and then see if that gets updated.


i will try the above to and get back to you asap
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I have tried creating a test appointment on the user calendar, but its not updating the Free Busy Info.

Have opened user calendar in Outlook and created the appointment and I am checking free busy info from OWA.

The Email configuration test is passing with correct URLs.
Please suggest....
on outlook machine do this
Start > run > outlook /cleanfreebusy

and then again check.

look for any events in application logs, events regarding MsexchangeFB, try to restart the system attandat service.

can you please post problematic users legacyexchangedn value, check if it is pointing to old Exchange org name.

On system folder under Scgedule free busy check if the sub folders are created and have correct replicas set.

Run Exbpa it will give info about any wrong setting in Server.


We never had any previous exchange setup like Exch2k3 ...
We started with Exch2007 so there is no legacyexchangedn.

request that specific user to create a meeting request using outlook web access and check their schedule
after 15 minutes after they did that  


Ok...trying that now....


Since I have access to user account, on opening the user OWA - Calendar, I am seeing this error message (attached)...

Just to update all...
I moved the user mailbox to another storage group and it seems to have resolved the issue.
Free Busy info is now available.
Wonder what could have caused such issue at first place.

Thanks all for your time and suggestions....

great if it is working :-)

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