Exchange 2003 Message Queues Local Delivery Freezing one user

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I have Exchange 2003 Std running on a Virtual MS Windows 2003 Server. We experienced a pretty sever crash the other day and I had to restore everything from a clone. Everything restored fine, but after - one single user is not receiving emails. I checked the server, and I see the Admin Group > Server > exserver > queues > local delivery is holding 19 messages all for the individual not getting mail.

I have tried Unfreezing, Force Connection, and the messages just site there. Not being very familiar with Exchange - any and all suggestions to resolve this would be greatly appreciated before we need to delete the users accounts and have them start all over and lose email messages.
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if the emails in queue  are from a valid email address and not spam  
the users mailbox might have gone currupt. take past and create a new mailbox for this user.

and then see... if the emails are delivered to the new mailbox
share the pst for user.. and he can add that to his outlook ..

please share if  there is more to it

Thank you


Emails are valid, no spam. That sounds like what I would have done with Domino (fixed a corrupt mailbox), but I have no idea how to do what you just said there in Exchange 2003? So could you explain:

Take Past
Create New
Share the pst and he can add that ...

yes sure
use  exmerge utility to extract the users mailbox content in a .pst file.. (Just for thta user ) 
this article illustrates process to exporting a public folder  .. but help you understand how to export

now.. you would need to grat yourself  send as + recieve as access on that mailbox
find that user in active directory.. go to properties.. on the security tab .. add yourself and grant  the required access
(as shown in this article for a public folder)

then later select your storage group and mailbox store  (insted of recocvery storage group in this article)

or if the user is loged in to outlook the can select on their mailbox and then export themselves

once that been done
delete users mailbox  from active direcotry users and computers.. allow some time
then create  a new mailbox for them.. this will require them to create a new mailbox profile in outlook

new mailbox will be empty however their old data in in the pst file that can be opened in outlook

once new mailbox is created with same email address.. the emails in queue will be delivered

Thank you


We may be thinking that the user is having an issue with their AD account - they were not mapping drives correctly either. I had assumed the user had rebooted and was wrong. We will try rebooting and see if that shakes things loose then we will begin learning the steps you have described above.
This is happening for only one mailbox right?
Please export the PST using exmerge.
Delete the mailbox.
Create the mailbox and inport the PST.
select only one mailbox during the process (the one that is not accepting emails )


OK - I am going to try downloading the exmerge and let yall know how it goes. Rebooting fixed the login script - apparently this users box got ate up by the crash or something.


Not sure I get how to remove the Deny Receive AS and Deny Send As for the Administrator so I can use the exmerge software. Remove is greyed out, and I would think if both are checked it will take the most constraining. The article does not explain how to do this, just to do it.


Never mind - ended up creating a new user that I will use for this stuff and added him to the exchange system with full access. Now how do I go about deleting a mailbox and making a new one? My mail boxes are created when I create a new user in the domain - so do I need to delete the user and mailbox and create it again, then restore, or is there another way?


I have everything pulled down into the *.pst file (roughly 300MB) and I have saved off the users calendar as an *.ics file (he is very concerned about that one). Did the *.pst file on the exchange server, pulled the *.ics from the users outlook. Last piece of this puzzle is how to go about getting the user a new mailbox. Above I was not very clear, what I am need now is - do I:

1) delete the users domain account and mail file from AD & exchange
2) uninstall outlook from the users desktop
3) let is set for a spell
4) then create a new Domain account and email account
5) install outlook let the user use it for a while to make sure it is going and receiving email (couple of days)
6) restore the *.pst file on the server and re-import the calendar into the user new outlook install

or (please I hope so) is there an easier way of just creating this user a new mailbox so I dont have to mess with his AD domain account? [please, please, please let it be this one =)]


Did everyone but me go home =)


OK so apparently here is what you do:

Open the AD Users & Computers (Either on the exchange server itself, or one with Exchange utils installed)
Find and Right click on the user in question

Select Exchange Tasks
Select Delete Mailbox
and next till complete
wait a spell

Right Click the user again an this time add a mailbox.

Also had to uninstall and reinstall Outlook just so the settings updated.
Seemed to work.


This (the steps I performed above) seems to have worked, I have not restored the users past mail or calendar as of yet, but every time he opens the email, It is prompting him to use a temporary mail file, or he could use his old file. We always select temporary - is there a way to make this mail file permanent?


OK - now to get rid of that annoying temporary thing I found above:

On the users PC that is being problematic: (mine happens to be XP)
Open Start > Control Panel > Mail
Click Show Profiles
Select the profile there, and select remove
(apparently it is still pointing to your old data even though we uninstalled and reinstalled outlook by removing this, the next time you run out look a new profile will be created that is correct - why it did not do this with uninstall is any ones guess).
Launch Outlook and give you new profile a name
Out look should open, reconfigure itself to use the new mail file you created some time ago.
And so far everything is now operational. I will let the user run like this for a day or two, then try and restore his history from the exmerge thing.
Here is what I did for this whole mess - and this seemed to work for me (YMMV):

Recover from corrupt mail box Exchange includes the following steps:
1) On Exchange Server:
    a)  Extract the data from the users mail file to a PST file using ExMerge if possible
    b) Delete the users current mailbox from the AD Domain
    c) Wait for the Delete to replicate through the Domain
    d) Create a New Mailbox in the AD Domain
    e) Wait for the change to replicate through the Domain
2) On users Desktop:
    a) Uninstall Outlook
    b) Delete users old Profile
    c) Install Outlook to create new profile and connect to new mail box
3) On Exchange server:
    a) Restore the data to the users new mail file with ExMerge

Done if all went well.
1.a Extract data
    - Add a new user to your AD Domain, add them to the Administrators group
    - On Exchange server, got to Exchange System manager > Administrative groups > First Administrative Group > Servers > ServerName > First Storage Group > Right Click MailBox Store > select Properties
    - Select Security Tab
    - Add your newly created user with Full Access to everything - make sure that the Receive As and Send As are not explicitly Denied.
    - Download the ExMerge utility and follow documentation to extract the data for the user you are experiencing the problem with. This extracted data will be stored in a single *.PST file that you will use later to restore. Mine got pretty big ~400MB for one user, and my users are pretty small - so expect it to be big.
1.b Delete users current corrupt mailbox
    - Open Active Directory Users and Groups (either on Exchange or AD svr)
    - Right Click users name, select Exchange Tasks
    - Select Delete Mailbox
1.c Wait for a bit for this change to make it through the systems
1.d Create New Mail Box
    - Open Active Directory Users and Groups (either on Exchange or AD svr)
    - Right Click users name, select Exchange Tasks
    - Select Create Mailbox
1.e Wait for a bit for this change to make it through the systems
2.a Uninstall Outlook
    - On the PC with the bad mailbox Uninstall Outlook
2.b Remove old profile
    - Goto Start > Control Panel > Mail
    - Click Show Profiles
    - Select the profile there, and select remove
    (apparently it is still pointing to your old data even though we uninstalled outlook. By removing this, the next time you run outlook a new profile will be created).
2.c Reinstall Outlook
    - Out look should open, reconfigure itself for new mail file & a new profile
3.a Restore the *.PST File
    - On the Exchange server restore the users *.PST file using ExMerge. I had the user stay out of Outlook while I did this, but I dont think it was necessary - the outlook client will download everything to the client after you have restored it.

That completes taking care of a corrupt mail file (did in my case anyway). The user was still kind of irritated, because the main thing he wanted was the memory of the recent individuals he had emailed so he would not need to remember or renter them. No idea if this information could have been saved off or not - if any knows I would surely appreciate having the information for the next one as I am sure there will be some more.

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