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Blackberry Enterprise Server Express issue after install Destkop Manager

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We have Blackberry Enterprise Server Express installed on our SBS 2008. Everything has been working great. One of our users wanted to use the phone as an IP Modem so I install the regular Desktop Manager (and made teh mistake of selecting work email). I selected the do not forward emails, etc. from desktop manager thinking that would turn off all that stuff but it obviously caused a problem. Since we did that, the BB's inbox is not updating.

The BB server shows that messages are being delivered but the user is not seeing them show up.

I have since uninstalled Desktop manager and reinstalled it selecting personal email account (as this has worked for other users) - still not sure that is the "best" way to give IP modem access. I have also resent the IT policy as well as the Service Books to the phone.

Any suggestion to get things working again?
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You have statted to set it up to connect using the Desktop manager. Try this,
On the BB, go into Options > Advanced Options > Service books.
Locate the service books for your domain, they will either be the email address the user is using or will be Desktop, delete both of them ( th CICAL and CMIME)
Then on your server locate the user in BES admin, and click on the option to 'resend service books'
After about 5 minutes, get the user to do a battery pull on the device and let it reboot, you should be ok after that.

I find it easier when I have a BB "fall" off the network, to just reactivate the phone from scratch again.

You can use the desktop manager to back up data/contacts etc and reload when it is reactivated.


We ended up wiping the phone and starting over. Thanks!