Forward Email from public folder to email address?

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I have a user who is leaving the company who has gone in and forwarded ALL messages in the public folders to which she has access to an outside email account.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out HOW she did this. Its over 3000 messages, so it was obviously done in batch. Each PF post was forwarded as a separate email.She is not an admin for the folders. Can anyone shed any light on how this might have been accomplished, so that I might address the issue that she was able to do this?

Exchange 2007 - using Outlook 2007 clients and OWA.
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* It might be that the user having admin rights on that public folder had set some rules using the "Folder Assistant" feature on that public folder.

* In the above link check the part "Folder Automation", it describes the way how this can be achieved.

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Hi, dday515.

I'm not clear on why it matters HOW she did it.  Anyone who has access to a folder can forward the messages in it.  Why does it matter how she went about forwarding them?  It's not a question of how she gained access, she already had that.  To use an analogy, assume that she had confidential papers at her desk and made copies.  Would it matter if she used the copy machine, a camera, a scanner, or took the time to transcribe them by hand?  The fact is that she had been given access to the papers and made off with copies.  Being concerned with how she did it seems like the wrong queston.  Perhaps the thought is that knowing how will prevent it from happening again.  It won't.  It's almost impossible to prevent a person who has access from making copies of what they have access to.  In addition to sending them to an external account she could have copied them to a CD/removable drive, printed them, saved them as files and uploaded them to a web site, etc.  If your company needs to prevent this in the future, then they will need to invest in a rights managment solution.  

There a several ways she could have done this.  First, she could simply have selected messages one at a time and used Forward to send them.  Probably not for 3,000 messages, but it's possible.  Second, she could have used an Outlook rule.  While rules don't run automatically against public folders you can manually run a rule against a public folder.  Third, she could have used a script to send them.  A simple FOR NEXT loop would send them all in short order.

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