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Prompt for User name and password for shared folders

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I have a department folder with several sub folders that have permissions assigned to them depending on what department they are in.

I have several tin clients that I have mapped the root department folder for, but I want it to prompt them for their user name and password to access the folders in the root folder.

DEPARTMENT FOLDER (main folder mapped)
    IT (subfolder in Department folder)
    Sales (subfolder in Department folder)

I want Sales or any one else to have to give their credentials to access the lower folders
This way I can use a generic account to log into the RDP session on the server and anyone then can access their department folder once they have authenticated

Any ideas?
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Top Expert 2012

In an AD environment it will not prompt for them to access a folder since they will authenticate to the domain instead this will give them access to the share folders. Permissions are allowed or denied on folders which will not allow a prompt to come up.


Is there no way to change this behavior?
Top Expert 2012
Not that I know of this is a domain enviroment this is a purpose of the domain and how the domain functions
Bryon HSenior Technical Support Analyst
Top Expert 2010

idea:  you might unshare that stuff...  and create them as virtual ftp sites.

tell your users (generic user) to access it via ftp://server/departmentfolder

if you create a username that is the same as the subfolder name, they'll be locked into that subfolder, by going to the address above

for example

if the username is "it-folder", they will be deposited into ftp://server/departmentfolder/it-folder  (if the folder is named the same as the username), and they'll be jailed in there, can't go up one level


Good enough, I will find a different way to do what I am trying yo do. I thought that was the case, just needed to confirm