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Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

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We have a programmer who has written an application to send emails to users in a DB. Sometimes the program works and other times it doesn't. All emails are addressed to persons on the same domain/exchange server as the person running the application. When the application is run, the Outlook 2007 warning message appears, the person OKs the warning message, the email message goes to the OutBox and is sent, and then several minutes later a message from System Administrator will show in the InBox stating:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      Rejected Timecard 0046004042 OLSJAM    
      Sent:      7/2/2010 9:54 AM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:


Notice that it doesn't state a recipient in the message.

I can go to SentItems, select the message to resend, and it will go just fine.

Any ideas? I'm not sure if this is an Exchange, Outlook, CDO, or MAPI issue.

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What version of exchange - with service pack
Are you using Outlook Interop Assemblies.
What methods are being used to send emails

Application is written in what platform VB /VB.net/ C# / ASP / Something else ?


Exchange 2003 SP3 with Outlook 2007. Not sure about "Outlook Interop Assemblies". The application was written in VB6. The code the programmer started with is attached. The difference is she pulls the name and email address from a DB.
MAPIMessages1.SessionID = MAPISession1.SessionID
'Compose new message
'Address message
MAPIMessages1.RecipDisplayName = "test@test.com"
MAPIMessages1.RecipAddress = "Joe Blow"
' Resolve recipient name
MAPIMessages1.AddressResolveUI = False
'Create the message
MAPIMessages1.MsgSubject = "test vb code 2"
MAPIMessages1.MsgNoteText = "Hey Bubba"
'Add attachment
MAPIMessages1.AttachmentPathName = "c:\viosoft.txt"
'Send the message
MAPIMessages1.Send False

Open in new window

Top Expert 2010

2 things :-)

MAPIMessages1.Send False
>> Your code doesnt send Message


Try sending without attachment first
Comment this line and run it.
See if it works.

MAPIMessages1.AttachmentPathName = "c:\viosoft.txt"

Top Expert 2010

You have to change this to

MAPIMessages1.Send True
None of the above fixed the problem. Programmer abandoned code and re-wrote using SMTP.