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HP LaserJet 4 Printer - Excel Sheet having problems

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I'm having problems with >>all<< Excel spreadsheets with lines, printing to my HP LaserJet4 printer.  The bottom of the spreadsheet (page 1- see below)  puts the number outside the lines - the top works fine.

1) Excel 2003 SP3
2) HP LaserJet 4 (located on the file server)
3) From "Computer A" I have the problem printing to the LaserJet 4, but if I print the same spreadsheet to another printer everything works fine
4) If I load the same spreadsheet (located on "Computer A") on "Computer B" and print to LaserJet 4 everything works fine.

>>What I have tried:<<
1) Deleting the Icon for LaserJet 4 from my printer list and reinstalling it from Windows.
2) Downloading lj631en.exe from a site.  When I install it it asks to install it on the folder C:\ lj631en and I say OK.  It appears all it does is extract 42 files to C:l j631en and nothing changes.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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It's either a printer driver issue or settings for this printer on ComputerA. Is ComputerB printing set up the same way as COmputerA, i.e. is it connected to the printer share on the file server, or printing directly to the printer? Perhaps it has a different driver installed locally.


Thanks vanbarsoun for the response

I've checked the printer driver on ComputerB and it has the same information in the property sheet as ComputerA

Thanks again
But is ComputerB also pointing to the shared printer on the fileserver, just like ComputerA? If so, then I would make sure that the settings in the Printing Preferences section on both computers are identical. Sometimes a setting such as print on Letter or Fit to Page can cause these types of odd issues.


It is an odd issue.  I've right clicked on the printer on each machine (A & B) and compared each tab and have everything exactly the same.

You talk about fit to page.  In Excel I have set to "Adjust to 100% normal size" and I don't see a similar option on the LaserJet 4 print driver.



I found the answer that solved my problem.

1) I talked above about downloading the printdriver (lj631en.exe) "When I install it  it asks to install it on the folder C:\ lj631en and I say OK.  It  appears all it does is extract 42 files to C:l j631en and nothing  changes."

2) It still needed to be installed - it was just sitting in the folder.

3) Go to the Control Panes / Printers and Faxes, and right click on the printer in question and pick properties.

4) Go to the Advanced Tab

5) click the button New Driver

6) A wizard comes up - Click Next

7) Click "Have Disk..." button

8) go find your folder and pick the file.  (In my case it was lj456p5.inf)

9) Open the file and follow the wizard.

10) Test the printer - If all works well.

11) Close down the computer (question if this is needed)

12) Delete the folder with the downloaded print driver

11) Test the printer again.

Hope this helps someone.



Thanks for the help - It led me to the answer below.