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I have a PPTP VPN setup to a windows SBS server 2003.  I just tried to connect a computer to the VPN from offsite, and I get this error:
Error 71: No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept.

There are no other VPN connections right now, and nobody is logged into the machine.  The machine is virtualized on a Server 2008 machine using VMWare.


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Check your licensing.  I had this exact issue when my SBS license store became corrupt and the 10 included CALs (5 licesed and 5 grace logins) had been taken up by users connecting to the server for file and print services.  Once all the CALs are used by file and print users, no more RRAS connections are available.  You can see in the SBS licensing module how many CALs are installed vs. how many have been used (remember you can use up to 5 more than are included), and you can check in computer management/shared folders/sessions who is connected.
Please check you have enable enough PPTP connections in VPN setup.
You can check number of ports available for PPTP in Routing and Remote Access.
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I had a similar problem (SBS2003 R2 virtualised on Citrix XenServer):
"Error 71: No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept."

SBS2003 had thrown all its Client Access Licenses. I had to add them all again.

The following KB refers to the methodology to recover your CALs if they were somehow lost.

Microsoft KB 888818: The number of client access licenses may be reset to five in Windows Small Business Server 2003.

If none of the methods in the KB article can work for you, then there is a fall back: The autolicstr.cpa backup licensing file that is created by SBS.

To recover your CALs via this file:

   1. Stop the License Logging Service.
   2. Rename the existing licstr.cpa to licstr.cpa.old
   3. Copy the autolicstr.cpa to %Windir%\System32
   4. Rename the autolicstr.cpa to licstr.cpa
   5. Restart the License Logging Service.

One only has to verify that the existing licenses are back by opening Licensing in the Server Management Console.

There is another good use for this information: For one who has setup the server, and installed the CALs as the wrong type. Indicated Device CALs instead of User CALs or vice versa?

Stop the License Logging Service, rename both autolicstr.cpa and licstr.cpa, restart the License Logging Service, and open the Licensing in the Server Management Console.

You will get a 1016 error in the event viewer when the service cannot find the license file, but it will create a new one back at the default of 5.

When you go to reenter your CALs as the correct type, keep in mind that the online method of registration may not work. You may need to call into Microsoft to register the CALs.

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