Changing CommVault client IP configuration.

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We are using CommVault 7.0, and we currently use our routable network to pass traffice and a 10.x network to run backups over.

This is going away so I need to configure all our local clinents to use the routable network, and not the 10.x - I've looked in the interface data pairs, and all that is listed is the host name (FQDN), not the IP address.

Can I just remove the 10.x network card configuration on the server? I believe it will try and continue to send the backups over that pipe.

Thanks a ton!
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As you've mentioned, Commvault uses host names instead of IP addresses, so you should be fine to simply cutover the clients.

The CommServe is a different matter though, it needs to retain the IP Address it was setup with, if you need to change it you will need to get in contact with Commvault who will supply you with a IP Change License (See here for some info:

Also, another thing to be aware of is the Commvault Firewall settings. You will need to make sure that any firewall settings you've setup within Commvault are using host names and not IP Addresses

JD Powers,
          Are you saying that you are only going to use a single Network card for all of your production and network traffic? If that is the case, just get rid of all of the data interface pairs. Deleting the pairs forces the Commvault services to bind to whichever NIC is at the top of the binding order (Usually your production network). It will most likely still work if you just remove the card, as long as the remaining card resolves using the same FQDN, but better to play it safe and just take out the data interface pairs. As Psy053 said, if you're using firewall make sure you are using host name and not IP.


Thanks. That took care of it.

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