I want to push a paragraph to a new page if a page break occurs in the middle of a dynamically output paragraph.

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I have a table that has dynamic output inside of a <cfloop query="qryCoverage"> tag. In the screenshot i am attaching, i have two dynamic fields qryCoverage.Coverage_Prior and  qryCoverage.Coverage_Modified that will output a paragraph as much as 1500 characters. I want ColdFusion, CSS or HTML to detect if a page break will occur inside of either of these fields and if so, push the entire paragraph to the next page. Is this possible? coldfusion dynamic table fields
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How do you define "page break" when you say you want to test to see if a page break will occur within one of the paragraphs?   What are you testing for?   A certain number of characters having been displayed or has the user actually entered some type of symbol indicating that they want a page break at that point?

HTML doesn't have "page breaks" as the page usually just scrolls, so you need to define how you know when a page break should occur and then test for it.


when i print this document out as a pdf, i dont want either of the pargraphs to be cut off in the middle  to where a portion of the paragraph is on one page and the rest of the paragraph is on the next page.

ahhh, so that's the secret !   You talking about using CFDOCUMENT to create a PDF file.

So cfdocument is not that intelligent, you actually have to estimate how many characters will fit on a page and then count the characters in your text to see if it will fit or not.  

I do this with table output.  I have to estimate the height of each line of data and count the number of rows, then put in a manual page break.

I would start by generating a string of characters that will fill the page, then use len() to see how long it is.  That's your page length in characters (which is only an estimate).

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