Using .Net (ASP.Net and C#), RESTful Web Service vs SOAP Web Service

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This question is pertaining to .Net (ASP.Net and C#). May be, I do not understand difference betwen REST vs SOAP. But, my main question is:
1) How do I develop RESTful Web Service using .Net?  
2) How do I develop SOAP Web Service using .Net?

In past, I have coded few Web Services using classic WebMethods and had given WSDL to other applications so that they can consume my web services. Does WSDL mean it is using SOAP there?
Also, I have coded few Services using WCF and deployed few on IIS and few on MSMQ so that other applications can consume my services. Does WCF deployed on IIS use SOAP or REST?

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1) Implementing a RESTful service in .NET is easy.  Essentially you need to create a wildcard mapping handler or module (search for HttpModule or HttpHandler in .NET) to process URL requests on a web server.Normally a web server processes web requests for physical files that exist on the server and when they are requested the server side code is executed if they are scripted files like ASPXAn HttpModule or HttpHandler can process requests directly based on the URL without a physical file existing that matches the URL.  Sharepoint is nearly 100% RESTful because it's files are all generated dynamically on the fly from a content database.2) Trivial using Visual Studio.  You simply create a web service project or create a web service document.  I can get a web service running in .NET in less than 5 minutes.Cheers


Thank you, tedbilly. This makes sense to me.

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