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How to configure Exchange 2010 to relay outgoing emails to an external mail server?!

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Hello folks,
I have a new Exchange 2010 that send email using its own SMTP. We are using Mcafee (formerly MX Logic) to scan and filter emails. I have few emails (for example form Craigslist) that are bouncing back. I have the feeling I should have both incoming and outgoing configured to use Mcafee servers. I got the incoming part covered, I need to configure the outgoing emails to relay to Mcafee.

Thanks for your help.
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nice answear
Both outgoing and incoming travel thru the same IP?  Reverse DNS issue, maybe?


denny: What?

tgtran: No I think it is the fact that I am using the exchange to send emails instead of using a connector to send to an external server, which is what I need?

So how do I achieve this?
You would need to configure Send connector on your HubTransport server, choose type "internal" and select "route mail thru the following smart hosts" and enter McAfee mail gateway IP/FQDN


Changes made, is there a service to restart for this to take effect?
It is good practice to restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service


Good job, thanks.