Internal emails are getting ndr, external deliver fine

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Exchange 2007 SP1, MS Windows 2008 x64 Standard, Outlook 2007. We fired an employee and I disabled the users email account and Active directory account. Then I added their email address into another users account so he would get any emails sent to the address of the fired employee. He receives any email coming to that address from an external domain but not our domain. How can I correct this?
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Do you have just one server? Did you check the account under AD as well as exchange 2007 to make sure the email address does not exist anywhere else?

Does the old employee mailbox still exist? If so can you OWA into it and see if the internal emails are there?


Just one server, old employee email and AD account was disabled. if it exists anywhere else Exchange will tell you, but I know it does not. The OWA option isnt what I am looking for. The fired employees email lets say was put into another users mailbox in Exchange, lets say as an additional email so we dont have to go to users account and we can just remove it. this way any further email sent to will just go to the . Issue is internal email from the domain does not deliver...external for example email does.
Even though the email address is only on one mailbox it could still be on the user account under AD since it looks like you just disabled the account but did not delete it. If you go to the mailbox account it will show the email address in a number of places.

Can you put back the email address on the fired employee and setup a delivery option to forward the emails to the other user?

I wasn't suggesting OWA as something to use but just to see if the internal emails are going there. What happens when someone internally sends an email? Do they get a NDR, or does it disappear?
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An ndr shows immediately internally...externally it delivers and is received no problems. If the email address still exists in AD or somewhere else exchange will not let me add it to the other users account and errors with a ~this email is associated with another account and can not be added.... I also know it does not exist anywhere else.
Well, what I meant was not the adding of the email but when you setup a user account you can specify an email address. There are a number of locations besides where the email address can exist.

What is the NDR you get?


Sorry, I have gotten quite busy and havent been able to get this info. I have to set it up again as I put the accounts back to normal to avoid the ndr and other complications. I will get back to you ASAP.


here is the NDR Please Advise

Lynn Knight
The recipient's e-mail address was not found in the recipient's e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

The difference between internal and external is the address book.  Outlook clients in cache mode will use the offline address book.
Outlook in cache mode will download a new offline address book once a day. you can manually download from outlook.

Exchange I think has a default of generating the offline address book once per day,  what you want to do is kick off the address book generation manually, wait 10 minutes, then go to outlook (if in cache mode then download address book) and in the to line enter the email address, click check name, and try to send the message.

Outlook Web Access works like Outlook when cache mode is not enabled, when you try to send a message then it will use the the live directory.
( fyi - the address book will resolve addresses to the legacy dn, so even through you move the smtp address - the old address books are geared to the legacy dn)

Hope this helps,


Thank you markpalinux! Your comments jolted my memory...If you delete the autocomplete and manually type in the address it works. I should have known as we went through this excercise when we upgraded to new servers. The outlook clients email addresses for internal email all had to be deleted and entered one time manually because it caches the old directory and domain.
Shahenda EmadIT Manager

i have  the  same problem and i tired your  solution regard the cache mode but unfortunate  not solve  my  problem
Any  help  please

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