Perl or Unix Shell scripting to sieve out records with a certain value of a column

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I have a csv (comma separated value) text file exported out from Excel.
Original file has thousands of lines/records with columns/fields being
segregated by comma (,).

I'll need a Perl / Shell script that would sieve out lines/records that has
a certain value from column 4 & output those records/lines that do not
have this value in the 4th column.

So, take for example the attached text data file (only 3 lines/records in it):
./script "3"

would output the last 2 lines, filtering off the 1st line from being output.

Note that line 2 has a number "0.3" in its 4th column but it's not sieved
out because only those lines with the exact value of 3 in its 4th column
would be output (so 0.3, 33, 3.3 is not equal to 3, so those lines with
these values in its 4th column would not be sieved out
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awk -F , '$4!=3 {print}' prmcsv.txt
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You can modify the perl script I posted in the prior question:

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