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I have BE 12.5 runnnig on a Dell Poweredge DC and it backups up two local raid arrays plus  one remote Win2k3 box.  Question:  as one of the Advanced Optoins, there are check boxes for backing up symbolic links and junction points.  I know what symbolic links are from my Unix days but not familiar with junction points and whether or not I eve need this checked.  My backups consist of two jobs that run each night.  The first does an MS Exchange and SQL backup to tape, leaves the tape in the drive and appendable for the second job, which is the file system backup.  They run fine, no problems, but take a long time (probably due to verify on) but want to make sure this currently toggled setting of Junction Points is not causing me problems.  Thanks.
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A junction point is very similar to a symbolic link with a few caveats.  Junction points are explained here:

Unless you (or a previous admin) have created specific junction points then having the option checked or not will have little effect on your backups.  The SYSVOL share makes use of junction points (info here: but there is unlikley to be a large amount of data involved.

I setup all backup exec jobs to follow with junction points.  Verification will definitley lengthen your job time.

A good explanation is provided here:

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