HP IP Console Switch G2 and Cyberview dongles

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OK, I've walked into the middle of an issue.  Predecessor at a job I'm working bought a HP IP Console G2 Switch and then Cyberview dongles.  Anyone know if there is a way to get these to work together?  The client I'm working with bought these several months ago and won't be able to return the dongles.  I called HP and they said they don't support using the HP Switch with third party dongles.  Any ideas would be helpful.  
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One possibility is to scratch the HP switch and go to a compatible Cyberview product.  However, Cyberview products are very expensive, e.g., "CyberView MU 3 User 32 Port CAT6 KVM Switch, $2198.00."

If this is feasible in your situation, I would recommend consulting with Cyberview's sales engineers before buying anything, and definitely ask if a loaner can be arranged to confirm compatibility with your specific situation.

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