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I would like to use a sub-domain to point directly to a page inside a site.  I have used CNAMES to point to another site entirely but can they be used to point to a PAGE inside a site.  If a CNAME is not the right way, what is.  I know I can configure APACHE to listen for and use an HTML redirect page.  But I was looking for a more direct method using DNS.

Example:  =\contact\apply\career.htm

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You could create a virtual site "" which points to a subdir containing an index.html file (your career.html file).
Otherwise, you would need to look at some regex pattern matching re-write rules.

The DNS entry direct traffic to the right IP address.
It is then the job of the web server (IApache or whatever) on that IP to direct that traffic to the right site.
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The guys are correct. You need a web server to handle the redirection, DNS is out once you have the name to an IP, it can't take you to a specific page.

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So in Apache is there a setting (like host headers in IIS) that can catch the incoming request and automatically redirect to a sub page in an existing site?
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Use Virtualhost containers.

Configure to point to the IP on the server (it can be the same IP used for other hosts).

Inside your virtualhost container, you identify the virtualhost name and can specify the default page to load.

Or use the rewrite module to rewrite that to

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