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I have a cisco 4912 (fiber only) and a cisco 3560 -48pt (w/4spf ports) connecting 8 different campus location via fiber and several servers using copper on the 3560.
Downstream from these switches are several more 3560's and a few 2984G's.

I would like a suggestion for a cisco layer 2 switch that I can use to collapse the 4912 and 3560 fiber connection into.  The 4912 has the large Fiber Connectors and the 3560 has the smaller gbic (sfp) connectors.  I would like to use ALL SFP connectors AND have some copper ports as well.  Does Cisco make a switch that has 12 SFP/copper ports?  We run single mode fiber to most locations and also have some multi-mode so I would need to mix and match both types of gbics.

Thansk for any help someone can lend!

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You probably want to look at their modular series. The 4500 is the entry level and offers chassis that accomadate different cards fitting your needs. 
Hope this helps
Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
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You have several options depending on your budget.
A 4500 series chassis-based solution with multiple modules.

Stackable •Cisco Catalyst 3750G-12S with 12 SFP ports. You can get copper SFP's and/or stack up to 9 switches in any combination you need.

really does depend on what your budget is

If money is no object,

go for a modular 6506 chassis

with a decent supervisor

with 24 port SFP card , WS-X6724-SFP
and 48 port  10/100/1000 copper ,  WS-X6748-GE-TX

the advatange of this is that with 3 slots free, its going to last you a very, very  long time.

with regards to your  question, it doesnt matter what your fibre type is , for single mode fibre , you can use LH/LX sfp ,  for multimode fibre , you can use SX sfp.

If you have existing SC terminations, you can put one end in a patch panel and run SC-LC patch to go on the SFP.

If your budget is tight, go for the 3750 stack solution that Irmoore came up with above.

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