How to start System.Diagnostics.Process with multiple arguments?

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I have the below code to start a process and works fine.
But I need to pass another argument like s.FilePath.

How can we do this?

Thanks for any help.

Process P = new Process();
                    P.EnableRaisingEvents = true;
                    P.Exited += P_Exited;
                    P.StartInfo.FileName = batchfilename;
                    P.StartInfo.Arguments = s.Filename;

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You can try placing all of your arguments into a parameters collection:

Dictionary <string, object> parms = new Dictionary<string, object>();
parms.Add("Filename", s.Filename);
parms.Add("FilePath", s.Filepath);

P.StartInfo.Arguments = parms;
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You can also try just separating them with spaces:

    P.StartInfo.Arguments = arg1 + " " + arg2 + " " + s.Filename;


Thank you.

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