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How can I get the below to display like the
attached 2.jpg, basically just removing the
"cell padding" to reduce the number of gridlines ?
a.      Select all FIELDS in “Details” SECTION
b.      RightClick
c.      LeftClick “Format Objects”
d.      Click “Border” TAB
e.      Change Left/Right/Top/Bottom to “ Single”
f.      Click “OK”
g.      Click “Print Preview”
h.      Get attached 1.jpg which is NOT good
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One thing to do is to make sure the field is set at the top oof the section and that the section has no extra white space

In design mode
Select all the fields
Right click one of them
Click ALIGN --> TOPS

You can then move them up with the arrows until they move to the next section then move them down once and they will be at the top

Right click the section in the left margin

For the verticl you will have to move them individually until they align left rdge to right edge.

You may be able to get the tops and bottoms to align by adjusting the field placement and field/section height, as mlmcc suggested.  I'm not sure.

 But unless something has changed since CR 10, which is what I have, I don't know if you can get the left and right borders to line up.  I know that I couldn't do it when I tried (way back when).  If you don't use the "snap to grid" option in the design view, it might be possible.  I use it, which limits how/where I can place and size my fields.  Without that option, maybe you can position/resize the fields so that the right and left borders overlap.  I can't remember if I tried that.  I prefer having "snap to grid" on, so I might not have even tried aligning the borders with it off.

 Another option that you might look at is moving/resizing the fields so that they meet or overlap, and then only using the right or left border.  Then there's only one border between each field.  I have the feeling that it may not be that simple, because I've tried to do this kind of thing before and I'm pretty sure that I ended up not using that approach for some reason, but I can't remember the specifics.  IAC, you could always give it a try.

 I don't normally use grids on reports, but I have looked at this once or twice.  As I recall, I generally ended up using separate lines, instead of the borders (I may have used some specific borders, like the right border on the rightmost field).

 You can obviously draw a line across the page in your detail section to form the horizontal lines in your grid.

 For the vertical lines, if you start a line in one section and finish it in another, it will be drawn across all of the sections in between (as opposed to individual line segments being repeated in each section, which might leave gaps).  You're putting your grid around the fields in the detail section.  If you have a group on the report (you can create a dummy one if necessary), you can start the line at the bottom of the group header and end it at the top of the group footer, and it will be drawn across all of the detail sections.  If you don't have a group, drawing a line from the bottom of the page header to the top of the report or page footer might have the same effect.  I'm not sure.

 Play with these different options and you may be able to come up with a grid that you're happy with.

Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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With snap to grid off you can position fields so that the right edge of one and the left edge of another are aligned and make 1 line.  It is a bit tricky to do.


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