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How to Replace Drive Fan on HP ML570 G2 Server

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We currently have an amber light for the internal health indicator on the front panel of our HP ML570 G2 server.

Upon viewing the event logs it has indicated that one of the drive fans is in need of replacing.  The server apparently has 3 drive fans, but, 1 is redundant.  So, we are not down just at the point where we have no margin for error on this.

When opening the case to replace one of these fans, it is readily apparent it's no easy task.  As the fans appear to sit under a top layer consisting of the cpu/io fans (easily removable), but, also below the motherboard and components.

Does anyone know how or have a clear reference showing how to replace a drive fan?
Thanks in advance for any support!
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That is exactly what we needed, thanks.

* Pg.28 - Opening the System Tray
* Pg.46 - Hot-Plug Fans (Drive)



Great resource for the problem.