digital sender 9100c, sent fine before, now doesnt

Bryon H
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we had to reinstall gfi faxmaker, and now our hp digital senders dont work.

i know very little about hpds's, this is for a client of mine

i do know they are pulling from the central address book manager (hp software running on a pc)

the people load documents, press "fax" and pick a name.  the names have phone numbers.  they hit send, and it looks physically correct but electronically it does nothing.

maybe my smtp sink or something - dont know, looking for ideas here.

if i use outlook to send an email to, it goes out the phone line properly.
if i send a fax to their fax number, it receives and gets routed by OCR properly
so at least GFI faxmaker is apparently working...


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From this page

>>>>An e-mail transmission that you sent did not arrive at the destination e-mail address.      Press the ? key and then jobs (F1) for the status of e-mail that has been sent.

If you typed the e-mail address at the control panel, make sure that you typed it correctly.

The job might have been lost because of a serious internal problem. All pending jobs are sometimes lost when this happens. Resend the e-mail message.

Make sure that the e-mail server is running.

Check the "returned mail" message (if one was received) for the reason that the e-mail message was not delivered. If the message was too big to transmit, consider changing your configuration. For example, you can use the HP Jetadmin software (e-mail page Advanced option) to adjust the size of messages that are transmitted (thereby, splitting large messages into multiple smaller messages). Or, raise the maximum e-mail message size that your e-mail server accepts (see the documentation for that server).

Make sure that the HP Jetdirect print server is communicating with the network. To do this, verify that the TCP/IP status parameter on the self-test page reads "Ready" and then try to reach the HP Digital Sender 9100C using a network command such as ping.

Verify that HP Digital Sender 9100C e-mail configuration is correct by sending a test e-mail message to yourself. You can check parameters in the configuration menu at the control panel or on the e-mail page of the HP Jetadmin software.

Verify that the IP address of SMTP gateway is correct in the HP Digital Sender 9100C configuration menu by using ALT+SHIFT+GO.
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thing is, they're picking the destination from the list of addresses in the hp address book manager - and what their picking only has a display name and a phone number.  there are no phone lines plugged into these, previous to this morning they all routed out the gfi faxmaker

i'll have a read thru the doc you linked to, and see if anything jumps out at me

from what i understand, they can only send by smtp, or drop into a folder that's watched by faxmaker.  i can find that folder in the faxmaker server, but i can't find that setting in the hp so, not sure where they're sticking it
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the phone number in address book has to be configured to some IP Address.
Desktop MFC scan centers dont dial out.

If 9100C has some kinda setting where after you scan / print - it pops-up at the workstation >> then it's definitely by IP Address.
i'd start by looking at the numbers / properties.

Going to the workstation and checking if there is any "desktop software"  configured to receive from 9100C
Also try to setup a workstation with the 9100C installer software and see if it can auto-detect 9100C

Disable firewall and try that.

Let me know how this goes.
Bryon HSenior Technical Support Analyst
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yep - looks like every single server and workstation have this "hp digital sender service" started, and a executable called "hp link" in addition to the "hp address book".

so i made sure the service and link programs are started on the one single ip address they all point to for "lan fax", verified the folder that "hp link" drops stuff into, and matched that in gfi faxmaker - some stuff immediately queued up in faxmaker and left by phone line...

hopefully they'll be good on tuesday when they get back, i can't test from remote though

the hp programs look like sad 15 year old win3.1 apps.

hopefully i can just change everything to send via email so the smtp sink handles it.

thanks for your help though, it got me pointed in the right direction

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