easiest way to batch update a mysql databse field with prices

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Hi Experts, I have an ecommerce store that is driven by a mysql database and I can access the database through PHPmyadmin.

In the database I can see the database table that has the prices of the products and I can download a full csv file of the items, all 1700 of them but I would like to change the prices by a fixed value on every line to meet recent changes in exchange rates. My fear is having never done anyting like this I just need a bit more confidence to make the change and hit the button and not destroy the thing!

So my question or questions are.

Should I download the full tables csv and use excel to update the prices by the required multipler of .9469 and then re-import the csv file into the database, if so how do I do this and what should I be aware of as the risks.


Can I run a command on the database through phpmyadmin just tchange the value field in that table by the required value of 0.9469?

Either way I need to be sure I do not destroy the database as it would take months to rebuild.

The fields in the database table "qkcv_catalog_product_entity_decimal" are:


New to the raw database stuff so please be gentle with me.

Thanks in advance

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Before running any mass update on the database, I'd recommend saving it to CSV so you can recover from a mistake.

To update your table, open the SQL tab on phpMyAdmin and enter:

update qkcv_catalog_product_entity_decimal set value = (value * .9469)


Thanks for the very rapid response, should I be aware of any settings when saving the CSV before running the update, being new to this I am just wanting to make sure I get it right.
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If this table only changes when you adjust prices, you can backup the table by using
mysqldump -u username -p'password' database_name table_name

If somehing goes wrong, you can restore the table contacts from this backup.
The CSV route you might be able to load it back in.
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arnold, really sorry for this question but can you give me a bit more detail of how and where I use this command, I really want to be safe...
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Oh, this a command line option.  I am not sure but think it might be possible to backup a table only within phpmyadmin.

You might be able to achieve the same using the export feature and then use import if something goes wrong.

You can also perform a test by copying the current data from the table into a new 'temporary" table created in the same way.

i.e. get the detail on the way the current table is defined.
Then use the same script with the aleration of the table name to create the new temporary one.
then run
insert into new_temporary_table values (select * from current_price_table)

This way you have a table with the current data on which you can run the test mass update.

Then you can run a select that will display the relavent columns one next to another for comparison/visual inspection.
An easier way to backup your table is to use "select into" (you won't have to create the backup table ahead of time):

select * from source_table into backup_table

This creates a copy of "source_table" in "backup_table" - just know that if "backup_table" exists, any data it already contains will be blown away.
I think this tool will solve your problem - backup and update with GUI

Good luck!

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