How to SSH over Cisco VPN Client on Mac OS X?

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Never really had to do this, but I'm using the CISCO VPN client and I'm just trying to figure out how to ssh over it... Been googling, but this is totally foreign to me. Was hoping someone here could tell me how to do it using terminal (if that's even what you do...)?  

Right now, I'm connected through the VPN client to  
I tried doing just ssh, but that doesn't seem to work... Or, rather, it just times out.  Do I need to do something different here?  
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You can establish a SSH connection to the device that has been set up to accept such connection. Does accepts SSH connections?
VPN is a method to establish a tunnel between two separate networks. In simple terms, if you are on the network with IP address x.x.x.x you can't reach computers on network y.y.y.y but VPN gives you this possibility. Notice that I've used IP addresses to describe networks. Addressing computers by their DNS name (like across VPN requires more configuration. My point here is: you may want to try SSH to a computer by it's internal IP address: "ssh me@y.y.y.y"
If the VPN isn't letting you SSH over it you could try connecting via a remote desktop connection to a local pc in the network and then using the ssh command from there.



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