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Creating an excel style grid layout

JMRFan4Life used Ask the Experts™
I need to make an excel style grid that is completely editable. i plan on using jqquery, javascript, html and some css to create this. i will be given the ajax calls to get and change data.

Since i am still new to javascript, If someone can point me in the right direction of how i might get started and maybe where some good tutorials or examples are would be greatly appreciated.

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" I need to make an excel style grid that is completely editable."

So many people are trying to duplicate excel spreadsheets in HTML web pages, and you can't really do it.  The problem comes in truncating the entry (which you can do in javascript), and seeing the formulas behind the results displayed in each cell.  That you can't do effectively, without TONS of code.  You will get some similarity, but in the end, realize that HTML cannot really duplicate an excel spreadsheet.

If this is a known group of people doing the editing, or even you, it is MUCH better to just upload the excel spreadsheet to the web, then as people need to edit it, they download and edit it, and upload it again.  That way you get TOTAL excel functionality.

M$ is about 6 years behind everyone else on this.  They are struggling to catch up, and in about 1-2 years will have totally ONLINE excel spreadsheet editing capability in IE9 or 10.  But right now, they are dragging their asses and can't get there quick enough.  I would not waste the time coding it, as M$ will eventually figure out how to do what they should have done at least 6 years ago.