Can I use the product key activation twice?

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i want to use the same product key activation (window xp pro), from my old computer and transfer it into a new computer that i just built (I don't like how windows vista and windows 7 operate because they use too much resource like the memory, hard drive space,...etc) I'm doubting that i can transfer my product key activation as long as i report it to the Microsoft company...
     So can i cancel my activation from my old computer and transfer it to the new computer through Microsoft?
     Is Keyfinder a possible solution?  
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Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

If you are moving the OS from one computer to another, and it isn't an OEM version, then it would be like getting a new hard drive. You should be able to move it without a problem.
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It depends on what type of license you have. If you have been using an OEM license on your old PC, then you can't use that  OS on any other PC again. OEM licenses will only run on the hardware it was originally activated on. Other licenses can be transferred to other PC's. When you want to do the activation, instrad of doing it automatically, call the phone number displayed, and explain your situation to the m$ person at the other end. You'll have to make sure that you don't use that OS again on the old system.
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When you activate windows a number hash is created which is a combonation of the type of hardware found in your system and your product key. After the windows creates this hash key this information is sent to Microsoft. They in turn have software that convert this hash key to the product key and the break down of your hardware. They can then tell if you are installing the operating system with the same product key that was installed on another machine.  You can change up to three hardware components on your system before it will issue a flag at the activation site. If you upgrade more than three components on your system, the activation site will feel that this is a new system will no longer let you use that product key to activate your copy of windows.  OEM product keys are designed for one computer only as mentioned by the previous experts. The upgade and retail versions of the software permit you to install the software on the new machine as long as you are no longer using it on your old system.

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