Where can I find software I can buy that integrates Quickbooks and First Data Global Gateway  (formally known as LinkPoint Gateway)

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I process credit card transactions through First Data (https://www.firstdata.com/ecommerce/). I also have the Global Gateway which includes an API for integrating with customized applications. I use Quickbooks 2007 for accounting and I am looking for a piece of software that will integrate the First Data Global Gateway with Quickbooks and allow me to receive and process credit card payments all from within quickbooks so I do not have to double enter each transactions.

I've searched everywhere and the closest thing I found was this:(http://www.shopfirstdata.com/qbplug_2.htm)

That is exactly what I want but they only give you the software as part of a merchant account package. I was wondering if anyone out there had experience doing this or could point me somewhere where I might be able to find an addon or module that will do this.
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You'll almost certainly need to have this custom built, unless First Data Global Gateway provides you with an interface for this. YOu can do this vai the SDK, of course, but it requires knowledge of the SDK. The link you provided shows a form in the QB interface, but that is obviously a form generated by an external program. It's possible add event sinks to QB so that you could fire off your external program (perhaps from a Menuitem click, for example), and your external program would then process that payment and write the info back to QB. However, I'm not aware of any one-size-fits-all package (although there may well be one).


Thanks for the info. I will keep the question open a little longer to see if anyone else knows something.

LSM consulting is correct in his assessment.  The package you linked to is the result of programmer(s) creating what you are looking for.  Now they want to be paid for their efforts.  If you want something similar you will most likely need to have it made for you.  It could take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks to determine 1) exactly what you want and 2) what it would take to accomplish your goals.

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