iMac G4 speaker scratches and then 3 beeps

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After disassmbling the bottom half of the iMac G4 then putting it back together.
On start up, the speaker gives a scratching sound instead of the Mac gong sound, then
there are three beeps, with a grey screen. I can hear the hard drive spin up.
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hi mousemen unfortunatly i cant help you with this as you havnt given me enough information. i need to know if anything when wrong during the pulling apart-putting back together stage.

Yes, did you put it back together properly? Did you work in an anti-static (as far as possible) workplace? More details are needed here.

Maybe the manuals on can help you out?


Ran TechTool cd for diagnostics with a surplus CD drive with the bottom of the case open, as the Mac optical drive kept spitting out the diag cd..  After a few minutes, I checked on it and the screen said to shut it down and there was a burning smell coming from the Mac. (I know, I know,...  rookie mistake).
Held down the power button till it shut off.
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On that model you must always reapply the thermal paste or else the CPU will overheat

the speaker seems shot, but if it makes any noise thats your startup chime, the 3 beeps are bad memory indicators, so try with known-good memory modules internally (insife the half circle) and externally (just under the metal plate) as they are different, one is longer and one is shorter, pc133 168pins internal and 144 pins external.

It should only be a memory problem from what you state, try with one good memory inside, and one good outside as one of the ports can also be dead and you will have to leave it empty.

post your findings :) and be careful with the video cable, its very fragile
We did not get to implement any of the Comments, as the client picked the computer up for the diagnostic charge d/t thier time constraints.

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