I tried to copy a Picasa 3 album to a flash drive to play on a big screen tv, but the only options seemed to be to copy to CD or DVD.  How should I do it?

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I have two computers with more or less the same photos on them, but the organization of the folders is different, so I assume that moving album definitions between the two is impossible.  Is this correct.

Picasa says that copies can be made to CD's, DVD's, flash drives, etc.  When I tried the only options I saw were CD's and  DVD's, and the number of DVD's was inconsistent (larger) than corresponded to the number (113) and sizes (avg. 2.5 MB) of the photos.

 I want to copy albums to flash drives for display on a large screen TV.  I have no difficulty transferring individual photos or whole folders to the flash drive and displaying them, but I want to organize them as albums rather than folders to save space.  How do I do it?
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I think you might be confusing the Picasa photo organization with the file system on your computer.  How were you going to display the pictures on the tv?  If you will be using a Windows PC then you can use Picasa to organize the albums but if you are relying on a different OS (such as one built into the tv or one built into a dvr box) then the album concept gets entirely lost because it is solely a Picasa creation.


I realize that a Picasa album is just a list of addresses of where on my drives the pictures are stored.
My TV has a USB input into which I plug a flash drive.  When I do so the TV comes up with a list of the folders on the flash drive and I can by clicking on suitable choices start a slide show of the pictures in that particular folder.

What I want to do is somehow to copy the pictures that form the Picasa album list to the flash drive without repeating the process of going through my pictures and selecting them one by one  to be transferred to a folder on the flash drive just as I have caused them to be listed in an particular album.  I have already made the selections once.  

If Picasa can throw the pictures listed in the album up on the screen one after another, it ought to be able to send them to a flash drive one after another until they are all there.   Can you advise me how this is done or devise a way to do it?   I thought the question was almost trivial and I apologize for listing it with so few points.  

I guess I should add that I am  running Windows XP Professional as a virtual operating system under Parallels 5 on a MacPro.  As I mentioned originally, Picasa says copies can be made to flash drives as well as CD's and DVD's, but when I try to do so I see only the options for disks, not for flash drives.  Picasa must be copying the pictures themselves, not just a list of addresses to the DVD, so I thik that what I want to do should be possible.


I forgot to note that I have the same pictures on another Windows XP Professional computer, with Picasas3.

I could use it, rather than the MacPro to make the copies to the flash drive.
clmilton I would suggest to you to just copy all your images from their perspective folders and not use Picasa albums, this simplifies it.. these albums ae just your images loaded into Picasa
When you copy over your files images music etc as is they will play just fine
A flash usb drive is this like a pen drive? how big is the space?
An external western digital 1 terrabyte USB 2 drive will also work briliantly
and then you have huge space

But on Picasa you need to use Picasa Export to export your album to a temporary folder on your computer.  
Then double click on your flash drive to open it in windows and drag the temporary folder to your flash with your mouse.

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