Steps for form development, connected to a database that dynamilcally generated Modules, Articles Catagories on a web page

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I have a Joomla site and I myself and a small team of others work with Crystal Reports Developer, MS Access Reports and SQL Reporting Services and their related scheduling and distribution products out there. I have done this for 12 years.

The goal is to have a page like the one seen below that has embedded blob and longblob fields in a relatively generic modular page layout. As we add all the different products we have worked with ie( QuickBooks Peachtree, Lawson, Great Plains, MAS 90, MAS 200, Navision etc. ) We would like the pages to fill in automatically the content we need seen in the "ApplicationPage..Image" I assume we could do single words up to paragraphs of information?

One thing I need to know is what to do first? Is it ....
1.) Create database with fields I need first I use MySQL
2.) Then point a tool like Joomla forms  or Fabrik to the fields I created in the database to be accessed by admins on the Joomla site?They will use the Joomla forms or fabrik to input new application software we will take on frequently.
3.) Then embed those blob fields and longblob fields into those Modules, Articles or Categories on a web page? See image below.

 I have never embedded database fields into websites before. So I would need examples or sample code to show how one would place a blob field into a Modules, Articles or Category on a web page. Any thing you could show me as I think this question will get some traction....?
Many of the embedded fields will be in articles and categories in the form of sentences and individual words like QuickBooks that I will change periodically.

Finally it might be good to know how I might go into the database or Joomla form ( if possible ) to change content periodically for updates and or changes to the application software. Any suggestions on editing tools like that is appreciated. Unless you happen to know if this can be done in a Joomla form or Fabrik. I think I may have to get an editing toll for that.....but not sure?

Thank you for being here. This site has renewed my faith in human kindness and generosity.

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Hi there - you are asking a couple of things in this question - but assuming you know some mysql - I'd take a look at this component to integrate yoru database -
it is a joomla addon that does a fine job in integrating a database online.

You can set up queries to edit teh database online etc - this component will cover yoru needs I think, if you can write eth queries.

Hope this helps - to get you started on the database issue - re the other - you should be able to assign modules to do those tasks in your template above.
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I just bought the tool WOW. Where has this been all my life and for $60 that is unbelievable. I wanted to kiss the computer.

Now I just have to figure it out. Any ideas on where I can get good sample code. You are right I have not very experienced but should be able to be able to figure it out.

Let me make sure I get this right.
I created a database on my hosted server php 5.1.6.
Then I go into phpmyadmin which lets me create the tables there. Once I create a couple of tables. Does LFRM allow you to build the fields inside it or do I have to build the fields in phpmyadmin and then take LFRM and tie them together?.

I guess the main question is do you have to create the fields type size and characteristics. in phpmyadmin or in LFRM? Thanks for your help.

You have to build the fields into the database tables outside of LFRM.

I use navicat - but you need to be able to connect remotely  to do that, phpmyadmin works too!

There is a lot to learn for LFRM - but documentation is excellent -

 and search eth forum for questions - or psot a new one yoruself. And I use teh mysql site when i get stuck - you may wnat to look here:
good luck

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