Cisco VPN installer Windows XP SP3 Error 1720

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I am running a Cisco VPN installer on a Windows XP SP3 workstation and get Error 1720.  I reinstalled Windows Installer 4.5, ran Registry Mechanic, appears to be virus free...  Please help.  Thanks....
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the 1720 error is a pretty generic MSI Installer
error, it could be caused by many things. If you have an actual MSI
file, you can generate a log file with this syntax:

C:\>msiexec /i <filename.msi> /l*vx somename.log

This will create a text log file called somename.log (or any other name
you want to use). Inspect it using Notepad. It will give more detailed
information about what, exactly, is failing.

However, this only works if you have an MSI file. As I recall, the Cisco
VPN Client comes wrapped up in an EXE file, so you can't easily pass
command-line parameters to the MSI. If you can extract teh MSI from the
EXE wrapper, then you can run it from msiexec, with logging turned on.
It could be quite a difficult problem to resolve as this previous thread shows.  
In this particular case there was no resolution, but it's offered here because of an idea or two that may work for you>

"Error 1720 When installing Cisco VPN client on windows":

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