Clearing BIOS Password for a toshiba satellite laptop

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Hi All,

Can any one tell me how to recover the BIOS password for a Toshiba Satellite laptop ???
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Try Toshiba for the password and see if that works
I don't think there is a nice way to do this and your probably going to have to completely expose the motherboard from your laptop.

The first thing I'd try is to open up the laptop and remove the battery and let the computer sit for awhile (24 hours should be long enough).
There is also this that I found while doing a google search, but I caution to use at your own risk.
Alternatively you can also probably bring it to the manufactor and have them do it for you, but ti will cost you some money.
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Alternatively, pleas try to reset with this program:
Why should you need to recover PW ?  , try to reset instead of recovering  :)

But its not easy the resetting, You can't reset the bios password Of Toshiba Satellite (Depends your Model) just by removing cmos battery, you need to reset the contents of the flash eeprom that stores several values like the password, serial number, MAC adress, OEM numbres.

have a look on this

Or ready to pay for this ? see this (I havn't tried yet)



I have already downloaded this software, but how can i use it while i am not able to open my laptop from the begining or booting from any other device ??!!!
Madmiro the BIOS resets to default settings and clears the password if the computer runs out of power completely. That means removing the laptop's battery, as well as the small backup battery that's on the motherboard. You can usually see and easily remove this battery when you remove the keyboard on laptops.

After you've removed the battery, keep the power button pressed for a minute, that should drain any left-over charge and should reset the BIOS settings. If not, leave the laptop sit there for a day without power.

I've done this a lot of times, and it works, both with desktops and laptops.



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