Why won't Windows 7 backup recognize my 2nd HD for a backup location

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I did a backup on an internal drive (E:) and everything went fivce.  I attempted to do a second backup of C: but windows no longer sees my drive E: as a locatiob to backup to.

Does anyone know what's going on?

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You are going to have to look at disk manager to see what has happened to your drive.  Click on start, right click on "Computer" and select Manage.  Click on Disk Management.  If your E: drive is functioning, you will see it here.  If it is listed but does not have a drive assigned, you can right click on it and select a drive letter.  If it is just a partition sharing space with the C: drive then you'll not want to use it for backup.  If you don't see it, it has failed.  It may be simply a matter of pulling the power and data pins to re-engage it.  


The drive I want to use is an independany, 2nd drive, not a partition.  I've been through disk configuration,  formated the druve.  It has a drive letter (E:) and Disk Management claims it is a healthy working drive.  I can access it through "My computer"
I suspect it is a(nother) glitch in Windows 7.
Map the e: drive as a shared network drive and then choose network as the backup option

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