MicrosoftReportViewer vs CrystalReportViewer

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I am going to generate reports based on some datatables. I am using VS2008. I have never done a reporting project before this. I found two reporting tools are there. MicrosoftReportViewer & CrystalReportViewer.

Please suggest me which one of them is wiser to use. Which one is good?

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they are both good, and it depends what do you want to use.

I am using the reportviewer, and it seems easier, and already built in VS.  

Design report in Crystalreport, you might need the Crystal report software, and it will cost you to buy the software.
if you already have Cyrstal report software, you can use both tools to see which one easy for you.

good lucks


no we have no Crystalreport software license. I am talking about the CrystalReportViewer comes with VS2008 package

yes, you are right, CrystalReportviewer comes with VS 2008 package.

have you ever create reports in Crystal Report before? have you ever create reports in Ms. Access?
the reason I ask, is that Reportview has a lot of similar with the report features in ms. access, of course more advantage features.

I am using  reportview a lot now, and it works fine for me. I like it a quite a bit.  there are a lot of features that cyrstal report  doesn't have. like fiter and sort in the report.  I worked Cystal Report 8 and 10 last year, they are not too bad. so really depend what do you want to do. try both, to see which one you like the most.


Thanx for your prompt suggestion

also, if you decide to use the report view, gives you a lot of examples to get start.

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