Xcode 3.1.4 SDK 3.0 Device Family Blank!!!

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I want to upload my application to appstore(ITune connect) , but after i upload my binary , at application detail there my "Device Family" is blank

So I want to set the target device family at my Xcode ,but i went to Projet>Build>deployment , but my" target Device family" column was disappear.

i was followed here to do:

my Xcode version : 3.1.4
my iphone sdk version : 3.0

how can i specify my target device family? in xcode 3.14 sdk 3.0

any one can help me?
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i hope i'm understanding you correctly, please let me know of that's not the case.

setting the target device involves setting two things:
- the "Deployment Platform" (OS/SDK)
- the Targetted Device Family

Appearantly you have already set the SDK/OS version, in which case the "Target Device Family" should show-up in the project-settings (under Deployment).

The reason they're missing is probably because the iPad originally shipped with OS 3.2. Ofcourcse Apple didn't want to reveal the iPad-secret by putting such an option in the project-templates.

Note though, that this settings-window is actually just a pretty GUI around commandline-options sent to the build-processes compiler, linker etc..). Right-click on the list for the actual names/values.
You can add/remove/edit any settings yourself using the 'action-gear' button in the lower right corner of the window. ('Add User-Defined Setting').
The actual name of the target-family setting is: TARGETED_DEVICE_FAMILY
The expected values are 1 (iphone), 2 (ipad) or 1,2 (iphone/ipad).
We've upgraded to iphone sdk 3.2. and now we can see the Target Device option. hence all is ok now. thanks.

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