Compile Error "Can't Assign to read only property"

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Compile Error "Can't Assign to read only property"

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            !btno = RecvKKL!btno

Private Sub cmdMove_Click()
On Error Resume Next

    Command12.Enabled = False
    Option1.Enabled = False
    Option2.Enabled = False
    Moving_Rec (InputBox("Enter the Memo Number"))

End Sub

Private Sub Moving_Rec(lsno As Double)

'On Error GoTo NGPErrPara:
Dim RsCounter As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim BNo

Text1(18).text = lsno
''''''''''Connection For Mover.MDB file for transferring data from Trant.MDb to Mover.MDB
    If RecvKKL_Cnn.State = 1 Then RecvKKL_Cnn.Close
        RecvKKL_Cnn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Data Source=" & App.Path & "\Mover.mdb;Jet OLEDB:Database Password=xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

'''''''''Local Recordset Connecting to B_Detail
    If RecvLCL.State = 1 Then RecvLCL.Close
        RecvLCL.Open "select * from B_Detail WHERE LsNo = " & Text1(18).text & " and Check = 1", con, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
    If RecvKKL.State = 1 Then RecvKKL.Close
        RecvKKL.Open "Select * from B_Detail", RecvKKL_Cnn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic

    If RecvKKL!btno > 0 Then
        BNo = RecvKKL!btno

        With RecvLCL
            !btno = RecvKKL!btno
            !Mode = RecvKKL!Mode

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Try changing it to

            RecvLCL!btno = RecvKKL!btno



now its highlighted on RecvLCL
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Where is RecvLCL declared? I don't see it anywhere, but it may be a global variable. Has it been declared as an ADODB.Recordset?




got it
it was .connection

i changed to .recordset and its working

But another problem appear..

and i ask new question...



Thanks for quick reply

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