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BESX allocating new handset to user

RobKanj used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts
I'm stumped and I'm hoping this is a easy one.....
I have a user allready setup on BES Express on SBS 2008. Everything works fine with tailored IT policies and tweaks in his font style, size and disclaimer all setup.
He has been allocated a new 9700 handset and I want to migrate him to the new handet that has the new PIN and IMEI. How do  do this within BES Express (i use the web console)?
Previously I have been deleting the user entirely, refreshing BESX and then adding the user again...going through the "Enterprise Activiation" on the handset and then setting up all the confgs from scratch.
Is there anyway to just retain the user and just allocate the new PIN - happy to generate a new password for him to start the "Enterprise Activation" process on his handset.
I attach a screenshot of the basic task that is available to me
Thanks in advance and time in reading this question
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That is the best way to insure a clean switch. I also usually do a full backup via the BB desktop manager also.

I hope this helps !
To clarify, you have the process correct! You reset the activation password on the user, then switch the sim card/service on Verizon and re-do the Enterprise Activation for the user on the new phone. All user settings for BESX are retained. We do this regularly. Saves down-time for deleting and re-creating the user.
You do not always have to delete the user from BES when assigning a new device, most of the time when I do an upgrade I will simply set a new activation password on the BES for the user, and then wirelessly activate the handset with the new activation password. Most of the time it retains all the settings and works as the previous handset does. There are occasions though when upgrading that this process doe not work, but its always worth a try before wiping and installing a clean user profile.



Thanks Experts for the confirmation.