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Compaq cq60-313sa constantly freezes

Darren Sharples
Darren Sharples used Ask the Experts™

I am looking at a laptop for a friend, originally I was told that after an upgrade of norton antivirus it started to freeze a few minutes after startup.

I got hold of it and noticed it was freezing whilst booting also.  I finally got it started and after a few freezes I got uninstalled in safemode but after a while it was still happening so I booted into the recovery screen and reset back to the factory image.

Again it started to freeze and it took me about 7 freezes before I manage to initially get it booted into windows.  I have ran the hard drive diagnostic in the bios, it passes the quick test and then gets to 80% of the comprehensive test, hangs for a bit and then turns itself off.

It gets really hot around where the power adapter plugs into so I'm not sure if it might be overheating
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If it seems to be running fine for the first few minutes before it gets hot, then I'd say it was a heat issue but it could also be RAM.  If RAM was added to it you can remove that one card to see if it runs any better.
Darren SharplesSystems Specialist


I have taken out a stick of ram, he had a 2gb stick and a 1gb stick, I believe this a problem anyway as they are not paired??

I have taken out the 1gb stick and it seems to be running fine and alot cooler.  I will give it some testing throughout the weekend and award points

Thanks and fingers crossed