How to create website in Joomla. Can any one send example.

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1. I want to work on Joomla.
2. How do i create a website.
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1- Go to and download the latest version
2- extract the content.
3- upload the content to your server.
4-create database using your control panel.
5- open joomla directory in your browser.
6- follow the instructions and joomla will ask you for the database you have created.
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Once you have installed the database and you have joomla installed successfully you will need to get a template.

The best template club that I use is 
They have good support and the price is good if you plan to develop a few sites.

If you want a really good selection of templates, template monster is good   these prices are about $55 US per template.  If you are not very experienced in customising templates you should be able to find something close in their selection for what you want.

Basically you buy a template, download the zip file and then install it via the backend of joomla.

When you are logged in to the administration panel of Joomla you go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall and then you upload your template file and install...

Once installed you set it as your default and it will be used for your site.

You then need to add your articles and modules that you want to use in your site...
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Sorry for the delay I have been at a wedding all weekend in sunny Surrey England!

The messages you have are all good and helpful

Take the time to study the material offered and you will be up and running in no time

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me :)


Joomla is a big and complex CMS, there are plenty of smaller CMS like MODX that might be easier to use, depending of your needs.

You will need to setup a web server on your computer you can use Easyphp this is very easy to install

Joomla is a big community and you will find a lot of tutorials and components for free in almost all language.
There is also a lot of books about Joomla.
Install it on your computer and take the time to test it, this is the best way to see if you like it or not.

Have fun
One of the easiest ways is to sign up with a host that has fantastico.
Fantastico is a library of scripts such as Joomla that can be installed and running with 2 clicks.
You can then dive into Joomla without knowing how to:
- extract compressed files
- setup a database
- connect and upload via FTP
- Editing a configuration file
- Setting proper file permissions

I strongly suggest knowing ALL of the above if you plan to start developing websites, but if you just want to experiment in Joomla it is not necessary.

I always suggest hostgator, they have fantastico with all accounts.



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