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I have a not every day situation with my network.
I have windows server 2008 (small business premium) and network 192.168.1.x. All the machines (desktop users) have windows xp pro and are working with no problems on this relation (server-desktop) when joined in domain.

I also have a router (zyxel) on this network which uses the same gateway as my desktop users. His job is only to establish VPN connection to another network.
So his WAN port is related to network 192.168.1.x and his LAN port creates a seperated network 192.168.6.x. I created this network for some other users and they use own DHCP.
So on this network I have one user which is conected over VPN with some private network (uses Remote desktop to connect to other server and apps) and also uses resourses on network 192.168.1.x (where my windows 2008 SBS is located).

The problem is that everyting worked great when I had Windows 2000 advance server. Now when we changed it with 2008 this client cant joint DOMAIN any more. The problem is that the computer cant find it. The router has setting to let NETBIOS broadcast over the network and that worked fine before. There was also a WINS DHCP setting on router pointing to old server and I corrected it to new IP. Doesnt help.
The old server had WINS so I also instaled it on 2008. Didnt help.
I created LMHOST entries on desktop machine...i can ping it now to correct IP but still cant join domain.
I tried maping network drive over IP and I can use "domainname/user and password" and I can map it. But this isnt enough because I also need access to SQL server which is on 2008 and I guess he doesnt work this way and needs me to join the domain so he gives me access.

What can I do?
Any other ways to join domain?
Any other ways to try to connect to SQL server? (MySQL for example gives you access also over TCP/IP with correct user/pass)

Thanks for the help!
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Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
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The VPN is made to another location that is just for a reference in description of my problem. Both networks 192.168.1.x and 192.168.6.x are on the same fizical location on the same LAN...but 192.168.6.x is as I said behind a router.
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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The problem is that NetBIOS isn't used during the join process. The Domain Joining process has changed a great deal since the days of Windows 2000. For one, you'll need to make sure that DNS (port 53) traffic can get through rather than NetBIOS. Realistically, the easy way to get this working is to make sure that traffic from the 192.168.1.x is being properly routed to the 192.168.6.x network, particularly if the two networks have a subnet mask of (changing this to at a minimum might fix the problem, though that takes a lot of setup because you have to change it on the router and computers). If you only want to use specific ports numbers, check this document: for port numbers to forward between networks.

Basically, your old solution doesn't work because NetBIOS is being phased out entirely. Within the next few years, it is Microsoft's goal to make it so it is no longer used.



ohh bad news then :(

But if it is a DNS problem I dont get it why it doesnt work.
Firstly i use DNS setting on 192.168.6.x workstation that points to windows2008. The internet web sites are shown so the DNS must work.
Secondly...when i ping the name of win2008 server i didnt get nothing IP. Then I set up lmhosts on localc machine and entered correct the name shows correct IP and i get ping requests back.
My goal is just to find some kind of solution. Doesnt have to be prety, just has to work. But making my network with new netmask isnt posible because its a lost of workstations on network and other devices.

Senior Systems Admin
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I'm, unfortunately, not familiar with Zyxel routers. What you're describing sounds basically like a typical traffic routing issue. The Router isn't allowing the two networks to properly communicate with one another. The solution is to set up routing between the network.

Here's a document from Zyxel that kind of explains the issue: 

Essentially, your Zyxel router isn't allowing proper communication between the two networks that you have set up. So you need to set up the router to route properly. Based on your configuration, it sounds like there is a Network Address Translation error. (Here's a little info on NAT: Like I said, I'm not familiar with the setup procedures for a Zyxel router, so I can't help much there.

Short of setting up proper NAT rules, another possible way to get things working properly is to allow communication on the following ports between the networks, 53, 389, 445, 135, and 49152 through 65535.

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