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  I just implemented a Procurve switch and am struggling with Procurve Manager. Really two issues:

1) There is a software update available for the switches but when I try and schedule the software update I get the error message that it can't log in to the switch with the CLI. I know there has to be a place to tell it what username and password to use I just can't find it.

2) It is comming back with really good info. I have jabber on port A21 and excessive broadcasts on port D22. I just can't figure out how to translate the port ID in to a DNS name or Netbios name to see which computer is causing the problem.

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1)What version of Procurve Manager are you using?
as far as I remember in the version I last tryed there was an 'Options' area

the CLI command
show mac A21
will return the hw-address of the PC connected on A21
in DHCP-server you can then find name and IP

to your first Q:
If ver is 3.10 the page 7-15  in 
will give an overview:test settings, set on client/group of clients or in program.

As I understand your Q, you would want to change global PCM password settings via
Tools-Preferences-Device access

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