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I am a web developer and have some experience developing webpages using and sql server as part of a team. I try to follow the usual norms for page performance like minimising viewstate size where possible, avoid cursors in store procedures etc.
I have been recently asked to test the pages in a website that the team developed for performance.

I would like to learn a comprehensive approach for page performance testing like maybe
1. Measure the performance of the page using some tool
2. Figure out which part of the page is taking more time.. (using tracing?)

Please can someone give me some tips and point me to some good material on the web. Maybe some books, tools..  I am kind of desperate

Thanks a lot in advance
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Have a look at PageSpeed add-on for firefox:

In Chromeby default  there is a similar tool under WebDeveloper tools.

You can see graphically the time spent on each HTTP request detailed according to resources type.
You'll get also some suggestions on how to improve the page.


Thanks for your suggestion..
I am having a look at the tool that comes with Chrome.. looks good to me... thanks
Also can you tell me how can I test the website for number of requests received within  a short time.. again maybe some tool (or maybe I can write a script?)

Again any good books on building websites using with focus on performance?

Thanks again
What are you looking for is a tool for web site "load test" or "stress test".
A basic and not so difficult tools is Apache JMeter, is free and java based.
You can also try:
The Web Capacity Analysis Tool
It depend exactly on the complexity of the analysis that you want to reach.
You can find more tools through google or at
hope this help



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