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Hi all

Malware specialists i have a small question. I would like to learn more about OTL & OTS Scripting (and analyzing) to remove malware. Do you know some good sources?

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience
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Here's what you need, OTL tutorial complete with examples and images.

OTS is not a public tool....
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Thank you very much rpggamergirl

Can you look also this post?

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Thank you rpggamergirl, have a nice day!
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You're welcome!
Sorry about your emails... I must've deleted them by mistake, sorry.
If I can be of assistance with OTL, let me know. :)
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This was my email :-) :

Hi rpggamergirl

First of all thank you very much for taking time to read my blog!


I'm waiting open for any positive, corrections , improvement and negative comment!
If you are having a good tool send me this by mail, i will post it here.

I read an article and there they told Hitman Pro is scaning with Ad-Aware, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Spyware Doctor or CWShredder in the cloud. Is it not current anymore?
In preview versions they showed some names of antivirus scanners, but now i can't see anything during the installation. I was searching a list of scanners they use but it was not success. Do you know the new scanners? Please let me know if you find something (like a link).

Thank you very much in advantage
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Again sorry for what happened to your email.

Well, whatever article it was that you've read about HitmanPro was for sure a very old article. It was a description of Hitmanpro 1 and 2 where it used to come with few scanners, scanners like you mentioned in your blog Spybot etc. but it is no longer the case with HitmanPro 3 and up.
Please remember that not all infos that you find on the internet is valid, there are a lot of obsolete infos and unreliable infos.

HitmanPro doesn't come with any scanners nor will it download scanners like it used to. It now use the Scan Cloud feature.

The scan cloud feature is not really all that exciting if the user alrady has an effecient resident AV.
For every suspicious files that HitmanPro finds, it will send request to the Scan cloud (which is a group of 5 AVs online).

The Scan Cloud comprises of these Avs:
G Data

So for every suspicious file, the request is send to the Scan cloud for confirmation, which will then reply whether the file is safe, malicious or unknown.
If the scan cloud's reply states "unknown" HitmanPro will then upload the file to be scanned by those 5 AVs which will send back results of either "safe" or "malicious".
If it's malicious HitmanPro will quarantine the file.

The process is suppose to be very quick but you can see the downside to that one. Suppose there are many files that HitmanPro finds suspicious and needed confirmation from the Scan Cloud? It would be better also if Kaspersky and McAfee are among the AVs in the scan cloud, as PrevX and A-Squared are known to have a lot of false positives.

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Thank you very much rpg!

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