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Mac OSX and Windows file transfer free alternative ?

jjoz used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,

What is the most convenience way to share large volume of data > 10 GB between Mac OSX and Windows laptop (NTFS) ?

this is for a home network which connected through Wifi.


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network file sharing


ok, does Mac OSX supports read and write the shared folder from Windows 7 (NTFS) ?
or is there any way to share from MacOSX that Windows can read ?

i was thinking to buy USB removable HDD but i don't know how / which filesystem to go with ?
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You can't use FAT32 for a file that size so you're either going to have to use HFS+ with software to allow Windows to use it or NTFS with software that allows OSX to use it.
OSX can read NTFS with no problem but because it's a licensed proprietary system any writing to it is based on using reverse-engineered technology to make it work (although Snow Leopard can be tweaked to mout NTFS disks and do this natively).  As a result any writing to an NTFS location by a MAC runs the risk of corrupting the entire volume.  Difficult to quantify the risk but I wouldn't put vital data on it and maybe back it up more often than you would normally - just in case ...


Ok, is there any software to install to make this happens  ?
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For Mac to write to NTFS:  NTFS-3G
For Windows to read/write HFS+: : MacDrive


thanks for the reply man, I'll try MacDrive 8 since the free solution (FAT filesystem) is not an option here to share large drive space and big files.
FYI: FAT32 volume can be as large as 8 TB, though a single file can only be 4 GB - this can actually work for you.
reference: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314463