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iPad won't send email

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I have 3 email accounts on my iPad (WiFi, not 3G), gMail.com, cox.net, and plgassociates.com which is hosted by 1and1.com.  I can receive email on all 3 accounts on the iPad and I can send email on the Gmail and cox accounts.  I cannot send from the plgassociates.com account.

The settings are pop.1and1.com and smtp.1and1.com, SSL off, and I've tried ports 25, 110, 587.  Nothing works.  1and1 tech support hasn't been much help.
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You may be connected t an internet connection that needs its own SMTP address to send. This is not uncommon. Annoying yes. You can try using the universal SMTP port 587 and see if it will go through. If not, let us know your ISP. You can also send through Gmail using their SMTP servers, but it will say on behalf of in your sent from.

Try using the cox SMTP server and see if it goes through. Disregard the port setting because I saw that you had tried that.


My ISP is Cox Communications (Orange County, cox.net).  I set the SMTP server for the plgassociates account to smtp.west.cox.net, port 25, the same as for my cox.net account.  No luck.  The message is the same. "Cannot send mail.  The server rejected one of the recipient's addresses.  The message has been placed in your outbox."

Is it just mail to this one user that is being blocked?

Also, Let's take the IPAD out of the equation. Are you able to send to these people from a PC or laptop with this account and from this location?