PCIe x4 card in a PCIe x8 slot

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Can I put a PCIe 4x card in a PCIe 8x slot?  I have a Dell Precision 670 and I want to put a HP SMART ARRAY E200 in its PCIe 8x slot.  Will this work?  I assume I won't be able to boot to it...  If not I'll end up booting to a USB memory stick instead.  
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Yes. You can always (assume compatible with the rest of the system) put a lower channel card in a higher channel PCI-e socket.
Yes it will work just fine.

The longest slot are 8x or 16x (both same length different channel capacity)
And in that slot length will fit a 1x, 2x, 4,x 8x.

Good luck
Let me clarify/restate. There is no technical reason why it won't. According to the PCI-e standard, it should be fine. However, I personally can't speak on the compatibility with a specific system (they don't always follow the standard).

The OP stated it was a Dell system with an HP card.  Both tend to follow (now-a-day) standard.

To the OP:
Contact Dell or HP if you have concerns, that would be the best.

However, normally, yes, you can install a lower/smaller PCI-e card into a higher/larger slot.

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