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Can't get to HTTPS pages on windows 2008 TS Server

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Hello Everyone

I have a TS 2008 box.  All users except admin can not load SSL web pages.
Also they can't manage the Internet Explorer Managed Add-Ons

Now there is a bit of a story behind this all.

Started with the TS box with AD installed.

Installed a SBS 2008 box.  Remove AD from TS connected TS to new SBS domain.

Used a program called reprofiler to reconnect profiles.

now users can't get HTTPS SSL web pages in IE & can't manage the add-ons

anyone got any idea ?

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Try resetting IE using internet properties advanced.

Do you have a proxy defined for all protocols versus limited to HTTP requests? This could explain the issue.


done the reset in ie didn't fix the problem.

no proxy
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unfortunately, you are not providing any information on which I can rely to guestimate on what the issue might be.
Is access to any https site has an issue i.e. https://your_bank, etc.
Install firefox mozila, google chrome, apple safari, opera, etc. and see whether you have the same issues with those browsers.  If you do have the same issue, the cause might be external/rules.

Use GPMC and run a group policy results wizard to see what limitations/preferences get set when limited user is logged in versus what settings are set when administrator is logged.
If you create a brand new TS limited user, does this new user account experience the same issue dealing with inability to access any HTTPS site?


was a profile problem.  new profiles fixed it