VMware Could not connect Ethernet0 to Virtual Network?

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I'm no longer able to connect to the internet with any guest OS' using VMware 7.1 Workstation. Guests are XP Pro, Windows 7, and Vista 64bit. The Host OS is able to connect to the internet (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit) and I disabled the FW (Norton Secuirty Suite) yet the guest operating systems can not connect. Tried to change network adapter configuration from Bridge to NAT, Private Host, etc. to no avail.  Below was found in the vmware log file:

=========== vmware.log ==============
VNET: MACVNetPort_Connect: Ethernet0: can't get driver version (6)
vcpu-0| Msg_Post: Warning
vcpu-0| [msg.vnet.connectvnet] Could not connect Ethernet0 to virtual network "VMnet8". More information can be found in the vmware.log file.
[msg.device.startdisconnected] Virtual device Ethernet0 will start disconnected.
=========== End of vmware.log =========

Any advice as to what to try next will be appreciated.


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Try to unistall and install again the host ethernet adapter
some person had the same problem and this will be his solution:
After searching and searching a simple uninstall and reinstall got it working again.

do you get a connection light for the vmware nic as it could have failed
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Take a look at the following thread:


It may have to do with the bridging protocol on the host
Rather than re-installing, I would suggest repairing the VMware Workstation installation.


Sometimes the easiest solution is the best and in this case I didn't spend anytime troubleshooting the root problem so this was an easy and quick fix! Thanks for the re-install suggestion as well as to the others who offered some good troubleshooting tips. The guest hosts appear to be working fine now after I did a simple re-install.

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