SSL/IPSEC/Remote access VPN in a single ASA 5510 box

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Hi guys,
Please this is just an information request.
We currently have Cisco ASA 5510, and mostly used for  IPSEC VPN and remote access VPN, but now through CBT, I came across SSL VPN, it look fantastic and thinking of suggesting it to my manager.
But before I do, I want to know if the ASA 5510 can support both IPSEC VPN, Remote access VPN and SSL VPN together, i.e. can all of them run at the same time on the same box.
Also, how easy is it to setup, and how much resources does it consume on the ASA.
Further, how much support is there in the wider world for this technology, i.e. SSL VPN.
The answer/s provided will lead me to all other questions, so because of that I will allocate 500 points to the question.
Please forgive me for saying this, do not expect me to award 500 points for one line answer, as this is an investigation, I will be grateful if every URL link is backed up with some explanation, and pro and con of the technology can be added to each answer.
Thanks to everyone that contribute to this research.
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Yes, you can run multiple VPN technologies on one device, I have done it myself. The easiest method would be configuring those 3 services using the ASDM GUI.

SSL VPN has a lot of support and is the future of VPN more or less. In fact Cisco was slow (and hesitant) to release a 64 bit VPN client because they wanted people to move to SSL VPN. SonicWALL is the same way, they are only packaging SSL VPN in their products now by default. I have run SSL VPN in implementations and have had great success, better than using a native VPN client in fact as it does not seem to conflict with pre-installed software as much.


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Glad I could help!

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